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Hello people! I am trying to do a browser dropdown, but it takes all the items in the list, is there any way that I don’t repeat the items in the list?
This is an airbnb, when a user adds a room he has to put what kind of room it is, and in the search engine there is a search filter, when I open that filter I get the list of all types of rooms but repeated

use :unique item at the end of expression

I´m doing that, but don’t filter the elements.
elements appear repeated

I guess you are using a dynamic data type but should probably switch the type to be text and use the field you want to show and :unique item

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Or review your DB setting to make this field be a thing or option set

Yes, i’m using a dynamic data, there is my expression

Switch for Type: Text. Use search for listing’s type of room:unique element in Choices source
Change option caption for current option.

The best way is to review your DB and use a new type or option set for type of room and dynamic data will be this new thing or option set instead

Thanks so much! i got it!

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