Problem with repeated items in the dropdown

How can I resolve this issue from the dropdown listing the same item multiple times?
I’m pulling data through the Airtable plugin.

Use :unique items


Where and how?

in the type for your dropdown, you should reference the table that contains the record and use constraints to display what you need.


let say you have two tables

Table 1 is a list of categories with a field Category Name which is text

Table 2 which is a list of other items with a field that has Field type category.

For your dropdown, your type should be category and you can then use a constraint to display the particular constraints you need

Hope this helps

Can you share your Dropdown setting?
When you select the dynamic source, your need to click on “more” and you will have the option for “:unique items”

I managed to solve using the unique elements and switching to text in “type of choices”.

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