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Dropdown menu style issue/query

Is it possible to make a change to dropdown menu mouseover “hover” color? Ive tried everything but cant seem to find that option as a condition or in the style settings. Ive applied a different style and still no change.

In several browsers, your dropdown styling is going to be over-ruled by the browser anyway. Check your dropdown on Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. You’ll notice it doesn’t pay attention to the settings you set. Some elements, like dropdowns and scrollbars, end up leveraging whatever the browser has built-in.

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew but I’m not quite following… I understand obviously that different browsers will interpret styling differently and the rendered results may differ. In this case I can change the background color style “green” and this would be reflected in all browsers tested. Would i be correct in thinking the “blue” downdown item mouseover/hover color is default and cannot be changed due to different browsers overriding styling.

In several browsers, specifically mobile browsers, all of my dropdown styling is overwritten. The exact same dropdown, same app, same URL, different browsers. Safari ignores my design and does what it feels like. Here’s a screenshot showing the differences. Chrome on the left, Safari on the right:

Thanks Andrew and also for the example browser types.