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Dropdown Style - Can't create flat look

I am starting to build a CRM app and am trying to create a relatively ‘flat’ modern look. However, I can’t see any way to change the look of a dropdown - even with background style set to none and roundness set to zero I still get drop boxes with a 3D look and rounded corners like this:

Is there any way around this - or can you fix the Styles so they operate as expected?

The dropdown (and a few other elements) are controlled by the browser in some cases. Certain browsers will override the dropdown styles you specify. That’s not a Bubble thing, it’s a browser thing. Other webapps get around it by not using the HTML dropdown element, and creating their own custom thing. You can do that in Bubble, too, but it’s more work than it might be worth, especially if you’re focused on getting something of value out the door quick.


Thanks for this - I had no idea about that - have now tried on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE. Definitely looks best on Edge and Safari is the only one of these with the issue (which is my main browser of course). Still I like it for other reasons…