Dropdown range numbers (from-to)

Hi all!

I’m a beginner.

I wanted to create a dropdown range numbers (from-to) exactly like these two (see screenshots).

What should I enter on:

  • Choices style
  • Type of choices
  • Choices source
  • Option caption

Thank you

I don’t think I understand what you are trying to say.
You mean you want the second dropdowns value depends on the first dropdown’s value.

No, I need a dropdown in which I can choose for example year: from 2018 to 2022, exactly like in the screenshot.

Hi there, @ervis.energyplus… you can easily do what you described with an option set that looks like this.

With that option set in place, your dropdown would be configured like this.


Hope this helps.



Thank you so much Mike, really appreciated it.

I set the option set as you explained, so can you confirm now if I can select for example years FROM 2018 TO 2020?
Because I don’t know why my preview is totally blank and I cannot verify it.
Thank you

If you set your dropdown up the way I showed, you should be able to select a year from the dropdown. Share some screenshots of your setup because it’s impossible to tell what the problem might be without seeing what you’ve done.

Of course.

So you’re saying when you preview the page, you don’t see the years as options in the dropdown? Or you don’t even see the dropdown at all? Probably going to need more screenshots here.

The preview is totally blank, don’t know why

Share a screenshot of that page in the editor.

This is the editor

Let me guess… those dropdowns are in a repeating group that doesn’t have a data source, right?

I mean this in the nicest/helpful-est way possible, my friend, but you are struggling with the bare-bones basics of Bubble, and I strongly suggest you take a step back and work through the tutorials and watch some videos. You are really going to struggle without knowing the fundamentals of how Bubble works, such as repeating groups needing to have a data source.


You are absolutely right, thank you for your time and advice.
As for the question, yes, I confirm.
Thanks again


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