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Numeric range dropdown (2)

I want to create a dropdown whose elements are numeric ranges like below:
i.e. sth like: 0-50, 50-100, 100-200, +200.

This solution here works in principle but e.g. you cannot have a last option of “+x” that considers all numbers higher than x.
I tried to create an option sate of type numeric range but unfortunately there is no such thing. How should I go about here?

You can build it with option set. Add two numeric attributes: min and max. Use this attributes in search/filtering. It basically reproduces the numeric range functionality.

hey @shpak.serhiy thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply.

I tried to build something here, but I do not know how to create the range out of the min max attributes of the option set.

do you have any tip?

Go to the option set and click on the “Create a new attribute” button. Add two numeric attributes (fields) - one for min and one for max. Then reference these attributes in the dropdown.

I did do that if you check the link here. But I do not know how to reference the numbers in the dropdown :slight_smile: .

Please send the link to the editor in the direct messages only.
I’ve did some minor changes in the app: Renamed Display of a couple of item as an example and enabled the option set to the dropdown.

Ok, thanks. But then how can we refer to that value of the option set if it is a text? I.e. if we want to use those options to filter a repeating group? I tried to add a “number” attribute but I still cannot solve it.

Every option in the dropdown has the numeric attributes “min” and “max”. You can refer to these numbers in any conditional in the app.

Hi there, @sensei01… I made a quick example with the min and max attributes on the option set, and I just threw a price field on my User data type for the example. The following is a screenshot of how you can use the min and max attributes to constrain the repeating group’s search.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps.


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