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Standard Dropdown Style Roundness


I don’t know if this is a bug or it’s standard due to the element used.
The standard dropdown shows this ugly elevation and roundness even when it’s 0. Is this something that could be fixed? It’s not blocking of course but it’s annoying as it kind of breaks material design.


The dropdown is one of the elements that gets overwritten by the browser. Check this image out, the one on the left is Chrome, the one on the right is Safari. Neither look the way I designed it, it’s just a fact of life. Similar to scroll bars!


Thanks! That indeed makes sense.

So if I want to keep UI consistent it’s a matter of creating a normal input field(with the format I want) and then adding a dropdown icon that triggers a workflow to populate options and present them in a RG inside a FG, right?

To avoid calling DB every time the dropdown icon is clicked use a Custom State such as call the DB only if CS is empty.

One drawback would be that it wouldn’t use the standard dropdown UI for mobile which is quite convenient. I would probably revert back to standard dropdown when viewport is mobile.

Would this be a good approach?

In theory, that should work. I tend to not optimize my apps based on workflow runs or anything, so I’m probably not the right fella to ask about that :slight_smile:

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