Dropdown values for true/false field

I have a field with true/false type. I want to display on the web form as a dropdown but not sure how to do that.

I also would like to modify the value in the dropdown. For example, when the underlying data is true, the value shown on the dropdown is ‘agree’ and if the value in database is false I would like to show ‘disagree’ in the dropdown.

Also, when a user select ‘disagree’ in the dropdown, I would like to store it as ‘false’ in the data or vice versa. So basically I want the value displayed in the dropdown is different than the value when it is entered.

I know we can do this in html input tag, but not sure how to do it in bubble.

Any advice?


create data type in database

Then dynamically pull data and use formatted text to show current options that will be stored yes(true) or no (false) anyways

Thanks @solinz, how do you define search for option under ‘choices source’? the dropdown shows all answers from all records in the opinion table. but if my search of options has a constraint based on current option page, the dropdown only shows one option, which is the current result only.

Also, can you have to ‘enable auto binding’ option checked?