Dropdowns in editor Data tab invalid border

Odd one, noticed this yesterday evening, but in the Data tab for anything with a dropdown e.g. yes/no, option set there is a red border on the dropdown, almost as if its required or invalid. Doesn’t cause any issues, just aesthetically looks odd. Example below:

not sure if anyone else is seeing this graphical glitch

Hi there, @luke2… if the dropdown is attached to a style, is there any chance the isn’t valid condition is set to on?

If the dropdown isn’t attached to a style, the same thing could be the case on the element’s Conditional tab. I am not seeing what you are showing, so that’s the only thing I can think of that would cause that behavior.


Thanks Mike for the tip - did check the styles to see if it could be them, even turning them on to off. Still the visual issue is there, here is the CSS for any Bubble engineers if needed:

I’ve done the usual refresh editor. I’ve just checked and I am seeing this issue in other apps, so its either maybe my Chrome issue, a random one. Are you using the latest releases of Bubble Mike or are you on scheduled releases? Just curious. Cheers

I am using the latest version of Bubble.

I think the red border is showing in the bubble editor under the database view, so it shouldn’t be related to any style/conditional in the app you are working on.

It started to show for me as well this morning. It’s not an issue but it looks odd.

Oh, my bad… totally misunderstood the part about the database view (super dumb on my part because it’s pretty darn clear in the post). Yup, I am seeing that, too.

Thanks guys for the sanity check - thought my Chrome was going rogue on me when Bubble editor eats my RAM.

Yeah random one, but purely visual, sure its a simple tweak there side.

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