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Dropdowns won't translate

Continuing the discussion from [New Feature] Multi-language support improvements:

Please make dropdown element more flexible in conditions! … we need “Current Option” and “Options” to be conditioned.


Any update here?

I am also in need of translatable dropdown lists.

Also curious if there’s a way to translate static dropdown lists yet?..

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same here

The way I do it now is have a table for every dropdown list I want with a row for each translation.

i.e. Countries table

  • Country_ID - String
  • name_en - String (English name)
  • name_th - String (Thai name)

I then set up a drop-down for each language. With a condition to not be visible depending on the language.

I have thought about doing it another way that can make it so I only have to show a single Dropdown;

  • Country_ID - String
  • language - String (en_us or th_th)

Then add a constraint by current users language.

We need a conditional that can set the Caption Name field from the DB.

Or the ability to have the table set up like the following to auto grab caption name by language code :

  • Country_ID - String
  • en_us - String (Name in English)
  • th_th - String (Name in Thai)

Open to suggestions on how to do this nicely. Any Thoughts?

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Also have the same issue. No way to implement… only to have many same dropdowns visible for current language

Unfortunately, I’m facing the same issue… Any updates?

Thank you for sharing this workaround! Not pretty… but feasible. I hope Bubble will soon support a proper solution!