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Dropzone Multi File Uploader File Carousel Display

Hi fellow Bubblers,

My app uses the Dropzone Multi-File Uploader and displays all uploaded files within a repeating group on the page, with the ability to click on any file title and see a preview within a popup. This is working great, but my next question is whether or not it’s possible to “swipe” through the previews – if there’s a way to click on a button in the popup to see the next uploaded file, similar to how you can click through the Gallery view of your Documents on your computer, for example. I’ve tried the image slideshow native Bubble element and the Tinder-like native Bubble element, but the problem is the app is designed to have users upload a variety of files, not just images. I’ve also checked out the ListShifter KRW plugin but no dice (though maybe I’m just using it wrong!) Any tips would be appreciated!