Multi File Selector and Uploader - New Plugin

This is a simple Multi FIle Selector & Uploader. It’s doesn’t rely on any external libraries.

Demo Page - Multi File Selector & Uploader
Editor - File-selector-and-uploader | Bubble Editor
Plugin Page - Multi File Selector and Uploader Plugin | Bubble

The main difference with this plugin is that you can use any Bubble element or workflow to choose files, show them in any Bubble element, and upload it with a separate action. It allows for a better user experience and saves server capacity.

Example Usage
Here’s the live example -
Because you can use any Bubble element to intiate the File Selection & Upload, you can create a smoother experience. Similar to how Instagram does it. You can use these files into any file editing plugin.

File Type Validation
You can choose the file type you want to limit the user to: Images, Videos, Audio or All file types. I can update this to limit it to extensions if necessary.

File Size Validation.
You can limit the amount of files you want to select and customize the “Too many messages” Alert in the property editor. Up to 10. I can increase this limit if necessary.


Single File Selection
If you limit the “Max number of files” to “1” it will automatically only allow the user to select 1 image.

Displaying all File Types
You can display any file type into any Bubble element. Everything is Uploaded with the proper extensions.
Display%20Video Display%20Audio

Known Issues: Slow rendering/state publishing when loading in large files.


It auto rotate the portrait image to landscape, is this a bug?
if it isn’t please add an option to disable this feature.

I’ve just bought this Plugin. In general, it seems much more elegant than the standard multi-file upload Plugin, but I have a couple of question.

First, when you initially “Choose the File” and assign them to the Uploaded state, and preview them in a Repeating group, is there any way at that point to selectively delete individual photos, so they are not properly uploaded in the next step? Similarly, could I somehow select one of these previews to then be a “featured” pic? Otherwise I think I have to have a separate upload for a Featured pic if I am creating a photo gallery, for example.

When I am actually uploading the files I am then creating a Project and adding these uploaded images as a List to the Project, but it takes ages and then the images actually aren’t there. In comparison to the Demo when you just upload the images to S3 and don’t do anything else, it is very slow. I presume my Project is getting created before the images are uploaded so they don’t get added. Any suggestions on what to do?

/edit - I’ve kind of answered my own question on the second point. I seem to have to Upload them properly from the State before creating the project to which they are added as a list.

/edit2 - I can kinda work out now how to make a featured image - so my main question now is whether it is possible to delete individual pictures/files before they are properly uploaded.

I set this up to work natively with Bubbles actions/states, so you should be able to tie “List of Files:minus item” to your file list.

See this page on how I would set it up:

Thanks! That certainly works… but it is rather slow - takes 2-3s to remove each file. Any idea why that would be?

@steven.junio91 have you got any idea about the slow deleting? I’m just about ready to put my app live, and given it is primarily a photo uploading app, it would be neat if this bit worked a bit smoother. Thanks!

I believe it has to do with pushing the raw file to a Bubble state. It seems to always cause a slight freezing while pushing large files. I’ve looked into finding a fix for this but have not yet.

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OK no worries. I will live with it for now. Thanks!

Hey has anyone had issues with this when in repeating groups. I love the plugin but it’s throwing an error and freezing the page

How do you edit validation rules in this for the size or file type, as shown in the screenshots?