Dummy JSON data element for rapid development

I am making a prototype as quickly as possible and it would be ideal if I could simply cut-and-paste a fake JSON dataset with 100 entries into an element to read by a repeating group (to mimic a database select and/or an API call). Every JSON-related plugin that I’ve looked at goes the other way (formats bubble data into JSON), or reads only one value if you give it a key.

For rapid(er) development, is there a quick-and-easy way to create a “JSON element” as a list? A plugin that I’m not seeing? Some workaround? Many thanks!

Sure there’s a way. It’s not setup obviously though it wouldn’t be terribly inconvenient. The real question is: Why not just populate your db with these fake data?

I can think of several use cases, but in this particular case, I plan to set up an API call once I receive a token, but while I have a test JSON response from the API provider, I am still waiting on them to issue the token and I have to demo it to someone in a few days. Adding one or two entries into the DB or an option set is doable, but 100 or so will just take too much time. I could probably create a plugin myself, but I’ve never really made one before, so again, would take more time than I have to get it working properly.

HTML element isn’t accessible as an RG data source so can’t output it from a script. State with default set to the JSON list doesn’t seem to work either. Any help appreciated…

Converting your Json to csv format would be my next idea here. Did you have that idea? Cause if that works you can upload the csv to the db

Thanks for the suggestion @jared.gibb. I did think of that, but given the nesting, I think detangling it into various interlocking datatypes and different CSV files would’ve taken a significant amount of time.

After 3 days waiting for a response from the API provider, I checked my junk mail and to my surprise the email with the token link was there despite all their other emails coming through fine. So, issue resolved.