[Need Feedback] JSON Parser

Hello folks,

We’re working on a plugin that lets you parse JSON data and convert it into native bubble types. Before releasing it, i’d love some feedback about the UX of using it. I’m trying to make it easy to understand for most bubble devs.

Here’s a 7 second clip of how it works


Demo available here :point_right:t4: JSON Parser
View the editor :point_right:t4: json-parser | Bubble Editor

Please let me know any thoughts / improvements!

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It has no actions (beyond Parse JSON?) nor events? That seems weird.

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It looks like SSA returning values, that’s why no need for events


I’m mobile. Hadn’t inspected that yet. Not a great approach to something like this, @Kayami.

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I think the question is more like how many bubble devs are ok with JSONPath expressions :man_shrugging:


i chose for the SSA over an element for a few reason, but curious to learn why you don’t like the approach :thinking:

my main worry too, but not sure how to simplify it more without losing its power

5 second cold start time, impact on capacity, etc. no reason for this not to be a front end element plugin, TBH. :man_shrugging:


Though let me state for the 1000th time that the (useless) client-side action API could use an overhaul.


That being said — having a front end element plugin plus an SSA version is :raised_hands:

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i wanted to keep it simple (one action) and be able to run this in the backend too

to for ex, respond to a webhook with a custom payload, extract a selection of fields in your db etc.

i do agree that it’s slower and uses capacity, so maybe it’s worth having both a client (element) and a server part to the plugin


@Kayami isn’t this plugin no longer available?

@prabath it is, just send me your app id and ill add it!

@Kayami I’m looking for exactly this. Is this still available