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Hello bubble.is community! So I started my own project for a group of friends and I wanted a little help with it. I have created a webpage that can allow data to be entered and saves to the bubble.is data base once a entry is entered you can search the entry.

I needed some help with duplicate thingswhen someone submits a thing. If the thing is pre existing is there a way when someone submits a new thing under the name and last name can that thing be updated automatically in the database if the thing pre exists without creating a new.

So in short if a user decided to create a new thing. But one of the inputs is different from the pre existing thing, can the thing be updated without creating a new thing?

Hi @joelbragg1992,

You can accomplish this by starting with a ‘make changes to thing’ workflow that searches the database for things that have a first name field matching the first name input and a last name field matching the last name input. For step 2, create a new thing with a conditional that checks if the result of step 1 is empty. Heres an example: editor / run-mode

Hope this helps!

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Hello David! Thank you very much for your help! I have got it working now! Is there a way that if someone submits a new thing and the thing is pre existing but the input field of a thing is different can that input be updated in the database without removing the current database thing? Or change the current database thing.

So in short I have a First /Last name when submitted creates a new thing. I also have charges that have an input and can be submitted with the first and last name and saved under there first and last name. If let’s say John Doe has been submitted and John Doe has charges that were submitted if I go and submit another thing and the charges of John Doe has changed can those charges be added to the pre existing charges?

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