Duplicated Insertions in DB : APIs / Backend Workflow

Hi There,

I’ve been using a Backend API to create some inputs…
Those inputs com from an API.

I’ve usually got duplicated inserts in Database despite I “do a Search :First Item” to be assured that there will be no duplicates…

My first guess is that those inputs occur so close one to another, that the first one is not already in the database, so my search results in null. A second later I can find two insertions with the same exactly record…

Is there a practical way to avoid such situations?
I usually do a search for duplicates, soon after its creation to delete one !, in order to clean my database…

Any Advice?
A cleaner way to prevent duplicates in BackEnd from APIs?

Tks in advance !

Try to add the database trigger in the backend workflow and “Do search for” when “datatype now” is not empty.

If the data exists, delete it otherwise do nothing.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Maybe wrote them to a temporary table first so they are single queued?

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