Backend workflow "creating" blanks & duplicates

okay so i’ll try to explain this the best i can: I have a backend workflow and it’s setup as an iterative loop (search for first item, perform operations on it, delete the first item, restart the workflow, repeat)

I’m feeding it data from an uploaded .csv file and i’m doing a search on a list to check for duplicates (using a 3-4 digit ID number for each unique row of data) details of which can be provided :slight_smile:

imports are still happening successfully, except that recently i’ve been seeing more ‘blanks’ (which have always happened but only 3-4 vs. the 20-30 i get now) and i’m now getting duplicates as well which i haven’t really seen before:

Does anyone have an idea of what could be the cause behind these issues or even how to improve my loop?

I had my loop set for +2.7 Secs, now i’m going to try +4 seconds to see if that helps. Is there a way to “check” if the loop has completed?

My suspicion is that my workflow is taking to long to run and delete that ‘first thing’ on the list, then looping back over it, causing a duplicate before the first iteration is over… but as for the blanks, i’m unsure.

I was having a VERY similar issue, check your backend logs for timeout errors.

Thanks! Can I filter the logs out to just those errors? if not, what would a timeout error look like in my logs?

Sorry but I don’t really remember about the error code, I remember I was just tracking it down by time

thanks okay, but you’re saying that it’s like an actual error message in the logs that show up?

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