Dutch Bubble Meetup

Hi there,

The purpose of this meetup is to bring the Dutch Bubble community together.

More and more people in the Netherlands are discovering the power of Bubble, and with this meeting, we are creating a place where we can meet, inspire and help each other.

We’re on Jojn (jojn.us) for this meeting, a video chat tool for communities built on Bubble. During the meeting, it will be possible to move freely between the different video chat rooms so that you can decide for yourself which conversation you want to join.

With kind regards,


I’m in!

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Subtle reminder.

If I may believe Meetup, 11 attendees will join our Dutch Bubble Meeting this evening (Jan 24) at 8:00 PM CEST.

Feel free to join.

Will there soon be another event?

Yes! In a couple of weeks!