Dynamic API - Basic Auth

Hi friends.

We all known we can give URL parameters, headers and parameters by:
-Use as = Action
-Then the key’s you wan dynamic just untick private.

Then when you use the API call as a step and give it the parameters that you want to send.

Is it possible to do the same thing but with the Username and Password at the top?

This would allow me to save the key in my db and use diff keys for the same API calls…

Please tell me its possible…

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Use custom code with node to do this.

Hey @TomIsCool :slightly_smiling_face:

HTTP Basic Auth just adds username:password@ before the domain in the url, so do this on each call:

POST https://[username]:[password]@yourapienpoint.com/abc/xyz/etc

And fill those parameters in dynamically (uncheck private)


Gosh damn you know everything will give that a go!

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Yea the main API settings would be “No auth or self handled” or something like that. Then uncheck private on the API call username and password parameters

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Finally got around to this and it worked the first attempt!

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:purple_heart: you

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