Dynamic data don't Appear in the email, but it is appears in the debugger

So I want to send emails with a link that has dynamic data in it, but when the email is sent, The user sees the link without the dynamic data.
here is the example(the first picture is in the bubble debugger and the second image is the email message.):

i checked the privacy rules and everything is checked.

Is this the password reset functionality that you are trying to implement?

the idea of this reset password function is that when the current user invites someone who is not registered in the app, we send him 2 links. the first link, he needs to set the password to his newly created account.
and the second link which the user needs to type all of the information that he was signed up with and log in to the app.

but the problem is that, in the second link the invitation code seems to not be found in the link.

Can you send a screenshot of the workflow actions?

ok, here is the invitation workflow:

Ah! So you’re generating the reset password token on the client side. You would need to use backend workflows to generate the token and email the same to the user. Attaching the solution below:

The problem is not with the reset password link, meaning the token that is generated in the first step is working and the user sees the whole link with the long id from the token.

the problem is in the second link, where I search to find the invitation code of the user that will get invited via the email that ill be sent.
the problem is that I can see the invitation code from the debugger, but when the user sees the invitation link the invitation code is not there.