Dynamic Data for Page HTML Header

Would it be possible to give the ability to use Dynamic Fields in this box? It would make Twitter Card and Facebook Social Sharing much more effective.

Some users want to sponsor this, would you be interested in joining them on a crowdfunding basis?

If that is the only way, yes. It seems like this should be a core functionality, especially in the ecommerce space…

Can you reach out to support@bubble.is to talk about it?

Absolutely… Sending something now.


News with this feature?

It’s implemented. You can access the current user and the current page thing.

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Cool. Thank you!

is it possible to also allow the ability to retrieve dynamic data from URL parameters?? - in the HTML header

I have content that are links. They are not saved in the bubble database - but just display content via an API + url parameters.

If I could reference the external link – then I think I could get Facebook/twitter to retrieve the right meta data for the share sequence.

edit :
Nevermind. I don’t think that functionality is neccessary :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@emmanuel I’m actually very interested in this functionality. Need to insert values by identifying a record via URL path (not Current Page’s Thing). I sent an email with more info about the request.


Hi, looks like this was never implemented. Any workaround for this?

@romanmg Did you ever hear back from the Bubble team about this?

The only solution I’ve found is to immediately refresh the page and send/set the page using the url path. Not very efficient.

What you described is what I had to do too. The response from Bubble team was that it would be a bigger, delicate project since it could have more serious (negative) effects if not used properly. Don’t think there were any plans to update it soon, but that was several months ago.

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That’s too bad. I actually figured out another workaround last night that seems to load faster:

  1. Create temporary text field on User
  2. When page loads save data to temporary text field using search from url
  3. Assign html header dynamic data >> current user’s temporary text field

I’m not sure how the data is being stored because this is for a public page that does not have users logged in. However, it works :smile:

Are you looking for say the first path portion of the url or similar? If you use the toolbox plugin something like this will help you,

function urlSniffer(){
var url = window.location.href.toString();
var partA = url.split('\//')[1];
var partB = partA.split('\/')[1];
var cleanedParams = partB.split('?')[0];
return cleanedParams;


If https://yourapp.bubble.is/firstPathComponent/secondPathComponent?someparam=true it would return firstPathComponent

Interesting - I think the second component is the that we’d want to extract since that’s what would be used to lookup a record in the database. The first is just the page.

I knew i would cop that if i didnt explain the reason for stopping lol fair call. If you then add partC and follow that pattern and make the cleanedParams reflect the last one you can keep clipping out what even part you like. This will make sure that the params are split off the end aswell. Following the pattern one can also work out grabbing certain params, domains, subs and top levels or a mix of.

It would be very useful if Bubble would allow to use more dynamic data.

Right now we cannot even use ‘Current home url’, which would be useful to insert hreflang tags in Page HTML Header…

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+1 here if we could have a Do a search for would be awesome

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