Dynamic data in text boxes must be printable as text, but instead this is a List

Hi, I am new to Bubble (currently on the free tier plan), so forgive me for any slips or obvious concepts I still don’t master.

I am trying to make an API that will search among the Data Type “Books” to find the “Book” field entered by the user. Theoretically I should ask for dynamic data to do a search for Books’s Book, but the option “Book” is not an option in the dropdown.

I followed all steps of this tutorial (How to Setup an API in Bubble – a Step-by-Step Guide), except for the JSON body type option between “Headers” and “Parameters” on this image below, but the manual initialisation worked anyway.

Where am I making a mistake here? Thanks in advance


I think you’re missing the link between the API and the search for Books picture you posted.

The search for Books source will search your app’s database.
The API will ask the NYT for a list of books but it won’t save them to your app’s database.

If I were you, I would first deepen your knowledge of Bubble’s API plugin. You can make it dynamic which I would assume you would want. Start by making the date dynamic


That will unlock a whole new level to explore.

After that, your learning challenge should be: how to display that data in a repeating group.
(hint: it’s not do a search... it’s get data from an external API...)

@rico.trevisan thanks for the reply. It’s working now (plus I’ve managed to display them in a repeating group). Thanks for the challenge!

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Alright, let me know if you need more challenges! :wink: