Dynamic data not working

Hello I am new to Bubble and perhaps have a silly question.
I am trying to build a profile page.

In my database I have a data type called “Profile”. And in the “User” data type I have the field called Profile connecting to Profile data type.
Inside the “Profile” data type there is a field called Profile Headline with text input.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 5.08.53 PM

When I do a test, it does not display any data in the text field.
Does anyone know what might be the issue?

Thank you!

Is the text element wide/tall enough to show the headline?
Is the current user logged in?
In your database are all the relationships there?
Do you have any privacy rules in the way?

Thanks for the feedback @tylerboodman.
So I made the element plenty big enough. And yes I have the user logged in. All the relationships are created in the database. I tried the data type with and without privacy. But still it isn’t working.

Also I should note that in that even the default value for the field is also not showing up.

Are there any other ideas to resolve the issue?


Can you share some images of your editor? Field configuration?