Can't see Data that I enter manually in repeating groups etc

Hi there,

I’m working with Bubble and was scratching my head for QUITE a while trying to figure out why in the hell when I preview my app, it doesn’t show any data that I have manually entered in the database when using things like a repeating group, dynamic choice dropdown menu, etc.

When I use these elements and set them up accordingly to display a list of items from the database, they simply do not show any of the data I have manually entered. I have to create a form or otherwise enter the data while previewing the app in the browser in order for the data to show up in these elements. What the heck? Am I missing something??


Hello @tonymoulatsiotis welcome to the community!

Review if any privacy rules are restricting this. Eliminate them one by one by clicking on the trash icon for now. Once you are more familiar with Bubble you can implement more security in your app.

These are located on the tab right next to your data types tab in the data section

Oh yes, that makes sense. I will look into that tomorrow as I stopped working for the night.

Thank you for the suggestion. I forgot about the privacy settings on the data!

Hello, I forgot to get back to you.

Yes, this was the problem. There were default privacy settings on the data I was entering making it only visible to the creator of the data, which, obviously since I was not logged in as that user, or logged in at all since I had not even set any of that up and was just trying to test a concept it was not visible.

I removed all those privacy settings, then I could see the data.


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