Dynamic dropdown of "list of" field with multi entries issue

Good day all Bubblers!

I’m having a hard time to solve my dynamic dropdown’s
I know how to set up a normal dynamic dropdown, but I want it a bit more complicated…

Let’s have a look at it:

  • we have several production lines
  • On each line we have some packages that we can produce (some lines do have the same packages)
  • On each line we have some clients that have some specific packages
  • On each line we pack different apple varieties for specific clients that have specific packages

What I did:
I have made a Client thing including their varieties
I have made a Line thing including their clients, packages and varieties
I have made a Package thing including clients

I have made a User thing including a field that contains 1 specific line number
So when a user(=line) is logged in I know the current user is line xx (in the screenshot is is set to line (Lijnnr) “S1”)

Now I want to have a:
*dropdown 1: client that only shows the clients that are connected to the current user line number

  • dropdown 2: Variety that only shows the variety of current user line AND constrained with dropdown 1 value selected client
  • dropdown 3: Package type that only shows the package of current user line AND constrained with dropdown 1 valuer selected client AND constrained with dropdown 2 value selected client.

I was thinking that when I use the “Line thing” I should be able to do the job as it contains all values:

But before I can start with extra constrains I have this:

Resulting in only the first item of the multi value field rasnaam (variety):

results into all values of the multi value field klant(Client) as 1 selection row in the dropdown:

What is the right solution to do the job here?

Thanks a lot for your reaction!

Best regards from the Netherlands!

Your help is much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried using custom states for your constraints?

Not yet…
Im not familiar to that, tried sometimes but then I could not find the custom state in the selection fields

Coud you give me a push into te right direction?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks a lot in advance!

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