Dropdown from field which is a list


I would like to create a dropdown with dyniamic choices which are values from multiple entries in some of DB fields (its a project assigned to customer). For now its look like this:

And I would like to make every item from list as a seperate choice. The trick is that i need it in one type of data as it have relationships with user. Is it possible?

Also my config of dropdown now look like this:


Replace the option caption with a customer text field … like his name

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But there is no such option:image

I could only put current option. Or maybe I dont understand it correctly?

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Unfortunetly not, as I know how to show everycustomer which I have in my DB in a dropdown. Problem is that I dont know how to show list of projects which this customer have. As this filed is a list of text:

For now when I select ot show list of projects in dropdown its look like this:

And I want to show it as seperate option to choose one below another. Like in here for example (but this one is static):

Consider making your projects a data type and not texts

Your type should be of type “Text” and not customer. You list is of type “text” so both must match.

Thanks guys for help. I made it as another data type and make a relationship between those two data types and resolve it little bit different. Thanks for involving!

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