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Dynamic External Link

Trying to link to an external web page using dynamic data and I just get blank pages.

I have correctly formatted links being created for users. When I put “current user’s external link” in the external URL field, the link just goes to a blank page (“about:blank”) - If I type in the same link straight into the field, it works. I’m stuck!

The field is just text and the links have http:// in front of them. Is there some formatting I need to do around the dynamic content to make it read the text as links?

At the end of the string are you clicking more and then adding “s URL”?

Well, it’s not the id link generated by Bubble. It’s another link generated by workflows on the site. So, I don’t get that option.

Can you reproduce the situation in the forum_app?

Sure. I’m going to re-work some workflows first to see if that changes anything and then reproduce.

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I got it. My workflows just needed to be a little cleaner.

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