Open an external link from the data base?

Hi everybody, I’m creating a software markertplace but I’m having some problems.
Basically, I’ve got a database with all my products and each product has it’s own download link.
This is a screenshot of the last step of the workflow but as you can see, after I set up the dynamic link, Bubble asks me to create a new page and when I create it, nothing happens.
Does anybody know how to fix this?
I just want bubble to open the external website through the dynamic link, I dont want to send anything to a new page



you are currently in the workflow tab of your app.

In the editor tab, instead of using a button or text to click use a link element. In that you can select: parent groups products link.

If you still want the button or text, then you can make the link element text empty but send it to the front of the page so when people click the button they actually click the link.

If you really need a workflow, e.g. to count the nr of clicks, then use the “open an external tab” plugin.

For more tips on bubble check

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