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Dynamic Height of a RG with Fixed Number of Cells

Hi everyone

I’m trying to make my .bubbleapp more responsive. In one of the pages, I’m showing data using a RG with some information about it and it’s filtered by a dropdown using month and/or day.

My problem is: the RG has a fixed number of cells, that way I can offer pagination tools for my users to explore through records, but sometimes a search returns less than the fixed number and my page is presented with a huge blank space that’s not good at all.

These two images will explain what I’m saying:

Above you can see my RG filled with records

Above, you can see the same RG with only two.

I don’t know if there’s a way to solve this and mantain the fixed number of cells.
I’ve tried using vertical scroll but it’s my last option, to be honest, I didn’t like how it looked.

Does anyone have a tip or any help to this?

Hi, just wanted to know if this was solved?

Hey @socialiise1

It can be tricky at first but check out this brief set of instructions in this thread

@leonardo.cardoso @socialiise1 Here is a tutorial on how to do this.

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