Dynamic image image centered when rescaled

Hello guys, I’m trying to make a page where the users can upload his logo ob the upper left corner. As you can imagine, the users will have very differerent image sizes, from squared version to rectangular ones. So, what I am trying to do is keep always the image image height and adjust the width so that proportions will remain intact. It works fine, however the image is being centered, as you can see below.

when I set up like this:

it goes like this:

see that when I stretch the width…

… element keeps its height, adjust the width, but is centered… I just it to be left justified!

Is that a bug? Is that an improvement needed? Am I doing something wrong?


Try the other run-mode rendering options and see how they effect the width size.

@emmanuel any thoughts on that? Am I doing something wrong? Should it be a feature?

tried them all, but neither worked (streched nor adjusting element height)… the 1st one keeps the height but streched the width, the 2nd keeps the width and adjust the height. Rescaling works fine, but it centers the image when the width is smaller

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