Dynamic images are not being shown on Firefox


I am using the dynamic image feature to show the profile picture of any user. I have stored the image URL in the database. The image is being rendered correctly on Chrome but not on Firefox. The source on Chrome is correct but is different on Firefox. Looks like a CORS issue (thanks to @Jici 's answer on a different thread) but I don’t have any clue on how to solve it. Any help is really appreciated. I am attaching the relevant screenshots.

How I configured the dynamic image

Image rendering well on Chrome

Image not rendering well on Firefox

Hey there @psripad,

Is your picture URL a type of text or image? If it’s text, I’d give type image a try to see if that makes a difference

Hey Johnny,

Tried this. I verified that the image is stored in the user profile database - the images are getting stored in image format. Now, the picture is neither loading in chrome nor in Firefox. Attaching relevant screenshots.

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