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Issue updating user's profile pic

hey guys,

I created most of the user aspects I want to users to have on their profile, but now when I run the website through my domain name, the upload-able profile picture doesn’t work. I can upload an image, but it doesn’t save after I go to a different URL and then return, it just shows that the upload-able image is empty. It would only work if its pulling info from facebook but thats it.

Also, is there a way to do an “or statement”? so that users with a profile can display their facebook profile picture OR upload another image instead?


Hey cflux - can you please share more details, via [email protected] so we can take a closer look at your profile page? Recreating the situation on the forum app should be faster to debug.

A condition of "when the user’s Facebook’s profile picture isn’t empty’ should do the trick.

Do you have the uploaders initial content set to current users profile image?

I’ll put it up tonight in the forum_app when I get off work and try to recreate it.

@denverdave11 yes I have it set to current user’s profile pic. and then I have the profile pic set as an image as a field under User.

This is what it looks like now.

I figured it out.

I had a picture uploader to display the profile picture instead of just an image entity with the dynamic data set to current user’s profile pic.

Also created an edit pop up to have an image uploader then i have it saving the current user’s profile picture.

Turns out the two make a difference.


Hey guys. Pretty new but i’m learning fast. I cant seem to get he dynamic data options to show “current users profile pic” as an option…

@david1 You would need to create a field in the User data-type for “profileImage”, or whatever you want to name it. It will hold the data for the profile pic. Make they type of thing “image”.

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Thanks again

No worries

So when I go in as a user the photo wont save… Its likely from a fundamental misunderstanding of how the system actually works. but im catching on!

Hey I cant seem to save the profile pic once its added. Can you break down the steps again?

You need to have the user log in.
Alternatively you could create a dummy user that and save your users data to that.
Here’s a link to a tutorial on User Functionality…

I have a user log in instance. Then I have an account page with load picture element and a save button. Id like to have this photo show up on my users “dashboard” the main portion of my app. But I cant get the picture thats loaded in on the account page to save and therefor wont display on the users dashboard page. I have tried everything.
the steps I have tried:
On my users account page: I add workflow to the save button: WHEN button save is clicked > Action Create new Thing > Type: Profile Pic (which I added perviously in the database)
Then on the dashboard I have an image element set using dynamic data to user Current UsersProfile and I get this error. Pic
anyone able to do an end to end video on how to accomplish this? Thanks!