Dynamic images in a row

Hi, I would like to place dynamic images in a row. When I change the image to another image, the size does not change. Is it possible to change the size?

I don’t really understand what you want to do.
Is the row a RG ?
Is the button add a new image at the end of the row ?

The images are lined up in a row.

The fourth image is a dynamic image.

The button changes the fourth image from a cat to a dog.

I would like to resize the image when the image source changes. So that the dog is wide and the cat is square.

The result when the button is pressed.

the result that I would like.

It is not possible to set a dynamic image width.

Have you checked this :

Yes, it is selected.

The width of the image remains the same. I would like to increase the width of the image if it is a dog.

Ok, I resized the image using Conditionals.