Dynamic Layout Parameters Value (Min/Max Width/Height)

Hello, bubblers!

I have a question: is it possible to dynamically calculate the size of elements depending on the existing sizes of other elements?

For example, in my particular case there are 2 groups (arranged as 2 columns: column 1 and column 2). The left column (1) has some height (calculated depending on the settings). I need the adjacent right column (2) to be no taller than the left column. This is needed in order for a scroll bar to appear at some point. The stretch setting isn’t quite right, because the right column contains text and I can’t affect its height dynamically. It will either crop or stretch the column to the end of the text (and if the content in the left (1) column is small, its height will be less than the right (2) column). And I need the final height of the right column not to exceed the current height of the left column. That is, at some point I need to equalize the heights of both groups of columns.

Are there any solutions?
Regards, Alexander.

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Yes, I have a plugin on the marketplace that does it.