Dynamic link not rendering in Safari - but just fine in Chrome

Hi folks, pulling my hair out on this one so appreciate some help.

In short - Safari is failing to render a dynamic link, while it’s working fine in Chrome.

The link in question:

Is dynamically generated. Again, works perfectly in Chrome. Fails in Safari.

Browser “elements” inspector shows proper href link in Chrome.

Browser “elements” inspector shows href=“undefined” in Safari.

If I do a non-dynamic link with the exact same URL, Safari then works as expected.

I’ve been hunting all over the place for answers and can’t seem to get past this “undefined” link issue on Safari.

Please help! THANK YOU!

Hi everyone. I can’t imagine why this is still an issue for me, it’s driving me batty!

Super bummed no one’s had any insights so far, but appreciate any brainstorming from anyone!

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