Weird problems in preview in Safari Browser


Is anyone having a problem in Preview today? I haven’t been able to access my website in developer mode all day today at all. Tried different networks and restarted the computer. I haven’t done anything. Anyone? Thanks. This is very frustrating.

Edit: I just tried in another one of my apps and its doing the same thing. Not sure what the problem is. Basically been dead in the water all day today.

@emmanuel? Any Ideas?

I have narrowed it down to a problem in Safari. Never had an issue before. I guess i will try Chrome for a while to this gets resolved.

Could you submit a bug report with the error / behavior you see in Safari?

Ok, thanks, i just sent the bug report.

I think i just fixed the problem by deleting all the cookies and website data from my safari browser. It cleared it up. Thanks!

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