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Dynamic list and its order

I have a user settings page where the user can edit Input A, Input B and Input C.
For example Input A: Very, Input B: Good, Input C: Year
I am using the inputs to create a string which is: Very Good Year.
On another page, the Input B is editable, but A and C are not, and the order is fixed.
So far so good.

I now want to add the option for the user to add custom parts, for example add a Dropdown A or a Input D, and the possibility re-order them so the result is for example: Input B, Input C, Dropdown A, Input A. However, the Input B and Dropdown A still needs to be editable on the next page.

How would I do this?

You’ll have to create a data type for this that stores the string content as well as a sort order.
And then you can let users create their own things of this type, assign custom strings via inputs and also let them arrange the sort order.

When you display these things they can be sorted by this sort order.

Thank you. I need to research how to actually do that, unless you happen to have a resource I can read?

My other idea was to pass it as a single string that would be something likethis is my {USER_INPUT_A} that I will try to {USER_INPUT_B} tomorrow and then replace the {INPUT} parameters at the next page. Is this possible or a bad idea?