Dynamic List on Drop down not refreshing


I’ve got a drop down that feeds dynamically of data in my App. When I edit or add to the list within the database, it used to automatically refresh the drop down with the change. Not anymore. I’ve tried resetting data, resetting relevant inputs. Nothing seems to work, except refreshing the browser entirely. Anyone had this issue or knows how to overcome?

Thanks in advance


Are you having the same issue when you have those dynamic values placed into a repeating group? I’m asking since the repeating group definitely should update automatically, and if you are not experiencing that either, then would seem likely a bug, however, if that still does auto update, then maybe Bubble changed the behavior for the dropdown.

Are you on new flexbox responsive engine?


Thanks for the response, I’m on the new responsive engine, converted to that when it first went Beta.

The repeating group updates as expected, but the drop down does not. I think I’ll submit it as a bug and see what they say


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