Dynamic Meta Data while using Custom URLs and no Page Content Type

Hi! I’m pretty desperate and seeking help related to dynamic meta data & OG tags.

When I built my app, I focused on having custom URLs for each user profile as I needed the URLS to be as short and optimised as possible. Therefore, I used the technique mentioned a lot of times in this forum, like here: Individual URL's for users

I’m only realising a few months later that without having a Type of Content for my profile pages, I can’t pull dynamically the Page title & description for SEO / FB. I mean, I can technically copy/paste it in the FB/SEO fields but they’re not being read. (Like mentioned by @keith here: Dynamic Page Descriptions or Facebook Open Graph - #33 by sahaishivam )

This really is an issue as when user profiles are shared, the og: title, description & image are half empty. Example:

Is there any way at all to get around this without having to restructure the whole app? Or do I have to sacrifice the short urls in favor of the OG content?
Thank you so much for your help!

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