SEO and Such, Dynamic Data, what do you think?

Hi all, please take a look at the picture below. I have a real estate listing application. I am wondering if what I put in for dynamic data will help, hurt or break my application. Any thoughts or and feedback would be most appreciated.



I have since corrected the facebook title, that is supposed to be text not an image.

The idea of dynamic content works really well and is how you’ll want to do this.

That said, you’re currently referencing “Current User” in each of these which means the title and description would be different for each user? That seems confusing to a user. And, much worse, when Googlebot looks at the page, it won’t have an account so all of these will be blank. This means Google will have a blank title, description, etc. for these pages. Definitely not ideal.

The solution you most likely want to use is to keep them as dynamic, but reference the page’s thing to create the title, description, FB image, etc. For example, if the page is a real estate listing then the title could be “For Sale: Current Page’s Property_Address | $Current Page’s Property_Price | Current Date:formatted as MM DD YYYY”

Best of luck!

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That is awesome feedback thank you! I currently do not have my page content type set, I have everything in a group and that group is “getting data from page url” can you think of a work around here?

Yeah, instead of referencing the page’s thing, reference either the URL’s parameter’s thing, or the group with everything in it’s thing.

I tried in the past using the same trick with not setting a page type and then using a group to pull in page parameters. The trouble is this wont work for the SEO title and description. Unfortunately it will limit you to either the current user or app text - both I believe wont be able to pull in data from a types thing.

Here is a post where the concepts are further discussed:

If there is a workaround without setting the page type that would be great. I’d prefer sometimes not to set the page type as its a cleaner URL (just a visual thing really, no impact as such for SEO) and I’ve gotten a slightly faster page load, very minor, but still every little helps.