Dynamic Page Descriptions or Facebook Open Graph

Hi @NigelG and @emmanuel

What should I use to get the current URL? I tried copying and pasting “This URL” and it leads to the Index apparently. In this example, one should know in advance the URL that Bubble will use to add it on the database? Is there an easier way?


any plan to make this easier? I understand what you, but maybe with the new database platform this wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I still couldn’t figure out how to make it work with meta tags as I don’t have how to get the current URL.

Why do you need the current page URL, it will be set to the current URL in the share anyway. You only really need to override the URL if you want to point it at the Index so you share the whole site, not the page.

Thanks @NigelG, I don’t think I need to overwrite, but using the URL parameter or not, it always show the meta image and description of my index. I’ll try to replicate it in a simple app.

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It shouldn’t work like that.

Be interesting to see if that has changed.

p.s. what are you using for the sharing mechanism ? Addtoany ? Because that still seems to work OK if you put the current page URL in the URL to share box.

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were you able to resolve the problem? I have the same issue.
No matter what I put in the Header it always shares the meta description of my index. However, I am able to share the current pages image and URL but Description and title do not change.

Ok, I tested it. The problem is gone when I delete the general SEO Facebook & Twitter Fields. I guess they should stay empty when you have dynamic pages which share individual texts etc

I had the same issue. My solution was to remove the general site description from settings (Facebook description), and just have individual descriptions for every page.


Yes, I just discovered this one minute ago!
Wow…I spent some hours on this and changed the OG: tags quit a lot… :smiley:
But I am happy it works now. And thank you for pointing this out I should have asked earlier :wink:

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Man, you really saved my day, I would never had thought about that! Now just the picture is not appearing for me. I’ll check my meta image code.

I just discovered the problem with the image: the image URL was not coming with http: and facebook could not figure out what to do with “//s3…”

I just added the http and it worked.

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Guys, the app example is no longer available. Do you have any link to share and see what you have done about it!?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know what they did, but for me it worked fine just by leaving the app-level SEO descriptions empty, and then in the dynamic page settings, in SEO/fb I just had to put the dynamic content I wanted to share.

I did not have to add any html page header, only modified the SEO description.

Note that for me it only worked (i.e. it showed the dynamic page description next to the shared link) with the live version of my app.

Hi, I am trying to use dyanamic data in the page title & description. “Insert Dynamic Data” dropdowns doesn’t show all the options. Is this intentional or am I missing something?


As discussed in the thread above, you can pull data from the page’s type if the page has a type.

This makes sense, as the reason you’d want to have dynamic page descriptions is because the page represents a unique thing. Like, u have a rental listing site and the page in question is “view-listing”.

That page would take a listing as its type. And, you’d want the title to be dynamic and such (you know: “Fawlty Towers Listing Page” as opposed to “Happytimes Villa Listing Page”).

Same for the metadata.

However, if the page DOESN’T have a type this makes no sense. The title and other meta data are never different right? They COULD be different based on the Current User (Which is why you see that as an option, but of course it’s meaningless in the context of Google bot visiting your page right?)

You may have designed your page in a very non-bubble way and didn’t realize your page about things of “type x” should itself have a type of “type x”. (This makes life much easier than passing URL parameters.)

Fix that and you’ll have all the options you need.

Thanks @keith. I’ll surely try that out. Thanks much!

Is there guide on this like how to execute, I am not sure how to make the meta data like that.