Dynamic pages from list


I’m building an app for stocks and need some help please.

I already created a table with stocks(from an API) and need to click on the stock’s name and go to its page.
How do I create a page for each stock and fetch data based on the stock the user clicked on?
knowing the each stock has its own api to fetch historical prices…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just create a page with the content type of Stock…

…then, when you link to that page in your app (with a link element, or a workflow action), ‘send’ whichever Stock the User clicked on to that page.

The stock page will be dynamic right? is there a specific setting for a dynamic page?

Any page with a defined content type will by ‘dynamic’

I’m trying to create a page with chart but I have an issue…
I want to display the chart and the API url is /api/v3/historical-price-full/AAPL?apikey=xxxxx
there is no url for all stocks. this url is pecific to apple for example.

I saw in one of the post that I should use [] in url and uncheck “private” to make it dynamic.
when puting [/api/v3/historical-price-full/AAPL?apikey=xxxxx], I have an error when clicking on “initialize call”.

Thanks Adam :slight_smile:

What does the error say?

There was an issue setting up your call.

undefined error: this URL is not correct (Invalid URL: )

You must be using an invalid URL then…

maybe post a screenshot of your API call setup…

Yes, you’re URL is blank…


The actual URL needs to go here - what you put between the square brackets is just a placeholder (the Key) - so it doesn’t make sense to put a URL in there as well, just something like “URL” will do.

Put the actual URL in the URL Parameter field (or you can just include the part that’s dynamic)