Dynamic Pages IN Bubble

Hi all, I’m making a database website with each portal page has filtering based on tags. Is there anyway I can make these pages dynamically, so when I change something, I don’t need to do it for like 20 portals? Any advice would be wonderful!

We’d need more info here to help.

You can have dynamic groups on the page that will hide/show their content based on a condition, such as if there is a certain tag present for example.

Does that help?

thank you! that information does help me in another sense.

What I’m wondering is if there was a way to create pages “en mass” based on things in a database and a SET FORMAT for that page? I displaying data shown below and for each of the filters on the side, I want there to be a different portal that has all of those resources with that tag but the user would be able to filter for the other content. For example, all of the things in the database with tag A would be under portal A. However, you would still be able to filter by tags B, C, D, etc. Since I have a lot of filters which means a lot of portals, duplicating pages manually and changing the settings seems like a pain. Is there a way to just dynamically generate pages based on specifications?

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