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There is a problem: you need to make dynamic content. The person enters the data, they are stored in the database. And then output.

The problem is that it outputs as a whole the last value, and not the last value of the user.
How to fix?(

Those. if they use 2 users at the same time, it will show the data of the last user. And you need to show only what he introduced everywhere.

Sorry to ask such simple questions, I speak Russian and I do not speak English well, so it’s difficult to understand some guides (((

Well, in general, I can not figure out how to make it so that on all pages the user displays not general data, but his. Type he registered, and then all the fields everywhere - only for him, and the answers for him.
I do not understand at all how to do it

Hi @iamtsyupa, I think I understand. For both issues try this:

  1. Create a “Group”
  2. Set the group Type of Content to the kind of thing you want to display data for
  3. Set the data source (you may also need to click the blue > Insert dynamic data button) to Do a search for
  4. Set the **type ** to the type of think you set as your type of content
  5. Add a constraint and choose Created By
  6. Add “=” and then choose Current user

I hope that helps you resolve your issue. Once you get to know the concepts behind it, Bubble really is a powerful tool for building many kinds of applications very quickly!


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Oh thanks!)

I’m going to try, I’ll write tomorrow. If it works, you will help me a lot)

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