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Dynamic sitemap and privacy settings

Let’s say I have two privacy settings for a user - public and private. I also allow the user to toggle between the two.

In this case, will the sitemap for user page (for example, Mysite/user-page/username) be only populated if the user is public?

Or the page will be available either way but the data will be hidden if the user chooses the private profile.

Any help is appreciated.

@mikeloc do you know? If yes, I’d appreciate your response.

Hmm, I’m not sure I fully understand the question, and I may not know the answer anyway. When you say privacy settings, do you mean actual privacy rules that are tied to a public/private setting on the User data type?

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Maybe privacy settings in the context described can be interpreted as user roles?

Either way I do not know also if this has anything to do with site mapping. Did not even know that this functionality existed in Bubble.

Will be following up this thread to learn :+1:t2:

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Let me share the problem I am trying to solve. May be you have a different way to solve this. I want each user to have the ability to turn their profile to public or private. For example, how LinkedIn makes the user link active/inactive based on user’s choice. I know one way to do that would be to create/update separate data types.

However, a smarter way would be to create two user profiles with different privacy settings. Logically, the one with public access should be part of dynamic site map. I am just trying to confirm if you or anyone else has has tried it.

I appreciate your and Carlos’ responses.

Could you have a field called something like ‘Public Profile’ as a yes/no on the User datatype?

Then conditionals on the page to only show elements/data when that user’s public profile is yes?


Yes, but that would still not control the dynamic site map.

I’m not sure I follow exactly what you mean by dynamic site map in a Bubble context

Please have a look at this [New Feature] Dynamic Sitemaps

Is this not what you need?

We automatically filter URL’s for you based on Privacy Roles. If you want to make sure an individual URL doesn’t show up, make sure that a non-logged-in user (e.g. Google’s crawler) doesn’t have “Find in Searches” permissions.

Just create the privacy setting around the yes/no field on the user.


Thanks Natasha :grinning:.

I saw that as well but wanted to confirm if someone has actually implemented it as some issues exist with dynamic sitemap.

Will give it a try.

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That’s all you can do :slight_smile:

And if it doesn’t work then email Bubble support to report it :slight_smile:


Do share your findings :grinning:

Conventionally, you build redirection to an app where user roles (“private user” vs “public user”) are allowed or not to pages. Place a condition on every page (example inside a reusable header) where you allow user roles or not to pages (there are creative ways to use the index page and option sets with settings for pages and user roles).