How to select specific records when dynamic sitemap is activated on the page?

Hi Bubble community,

When the dynamic sitemap is activated on a specific page (“Type of content” not empty), how do you choose the records that should appear in the sitemap and those that shouldn’t appear (while still be accessible to users in both case)?


  • All the records appear in the sitemap
  • Privacy rules help remove records from the sitemap BUT these records also become inaccessible to users

The objective: have a kind of “Do a search for” with joins, for choosing specific records that would appear in the sitemap.

The reasons:

  • For architecture purpose (1 table collecting data from several tables)
  • For SEO purpose (non canonical links shouldn’t appear in the sitemap)

The only way would be to import a custom sitemap but it makes the maintenance quite difficult.

If you have any ideas, let me know :blush:. @NigelG @andrewgassen and @all


Remove “find in searches” from non-logged in users.

Thanks @NigelG. The matching records are removed from the sitemap based on the privacy condition but then we bump into the issue described in my post: the content of the matching records can’t be displayed properly because “Find in searches” is unchecked.

I’m wondering if there is a better way to manage what’s on the sitemap, especially on the dynamic sub-sitemap, without having to upload a custom sitemap file (complex to maintain manually because of many dynamic sub-sitemaps used).

Can you put a rule in so that it is checked when the User is logged on?

Or are you users not logged-on?

Unfortunately there is no private user page on my site. Information are accessible to everyone :slight_smile:

Ahhh, tricky then.

I wonder if there is a way to differentiate a User on a Browser from a Google bot?

Thank you for your thoughts. I believe I will have to load a custom sitemap on a very regular basis :sweat_smile: