Dynamically displaying first letter of a data entry

I’m trying to set a condition to display the first letter of the user’s name inside a text element if the user doesn’t have a profile photo uploaded. I have the condition set as…

If “parent groups users image is empty”
then “parents groups users name…” I don’t know what to enter in order to finish it.

Does anyone know how to display just the first letter of the data entry?

Also looking to have dynamic text display the number of users. If anyone knows how to select the count that would be super helpful too!

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After your dynamic expression click on “more…” and choose the truncate option, then set the N number of characters that u want to be displayed.

About users count, Do a search for users and use count option.

Awesome thank you!

Hey can you help me with a case where say there’s two words and I need to show the first letter of each word. How do I achieve that? Thanks in advance!

Are these words in sequence or in a list?

For example:

Full Name

Name 1, Name 2

Let’s say I want the thumbnail of a file as the first letter of each word. For example: “Sick Leave”.
So I want it to say “SL”

Apologies for the delay. I’m working on a project and short on time to check the forum.

Well, in your case a solution would be to use Regex.

Below are some options.