Dynamically embedding attachments from Airtable?

Hey guys so I’ve been agonizing over a way to embed a preview for pdfs/jpgs and other image/file types from parent airtable records into my app. I need to be able to zoom in and examine the file/image.

I’ve scoured the available plugins but the only one that seems to fit only works for google/microsoft file types and I need those and various image types as this is user submitted content and they often take pictures of their documents. My current solution involves using app.miniextensions to display them in a form view offsite and just link to it, but I’d much rather keep all the content on one page on my site.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to accomplish this?

If anyone else has this problem, what I ended up doing was collating all the attachments into a single PDF in Zapier, than displaying it with Air Document Viewer which costs but not that much. It can pretty much only display PDFs but it works fine.