Using Airtable in Bubble

Hello there fellow Bubblers, I have installed the Airtable plugin (current version 1.3/5.0) and connected it to it’s API inside Bubble, everything is working I can see the columns and everything, how can I display the airtable content inside my bubble app?

Also, is there a way to embed the images/attachments from Airtable into my bubble app?

I’m struggling to find any good info on this topic, tutorials and such.


Hi @claudiosilva,

Your data source for your element is going to be “Get data from an external API”. It’ll look something like Airtable: <name of table>.

Yes, you can call an Airtable record just the same for an image element in the “Dynamic Image” field.

You can either pull/push data from your base or you can embed the base and you can use as you’d use Airtable.

Hi! Could you provide additional instruction on how exactly to use the Dynamic Image Field in order to pull in an image that has been attached in Airtable?

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