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Using Airtable in Bubble

Hello there fellow Bubblers, I have installed the Airtable plugin (current version 1.3/5.0) and connected it to it’s API inside Bubble, everything is working I can see the columns and everything, how can I display the airtable content inside my bubble app?

Also, is there a way to embed the images/attachments from Airtable into my bubble app?

I’m struggling to find any good info on this topic, tutorials and such.


Hi @claudiosilva,

Your data source for your element is going to be “Get data from an external API”. It’ll look something like Airtable: <name of table>.

Yes, you can call an Airtable record just the same for an image element in the “Dynamic Image” field.

You can either pull/push data from your base or you can embed the base and you can use as you’d use Airtable.