Dynamically resize horizontal repeating group?

I currently have a horizontal repeating group optimized for mobile width layout. I pull in the first four entries of the data source, and allow the user to view a full list on another view.

What I would like to be able to do is stretch the wide of the horizontal repeating view on wider resolutions (ie responsive layout), such that when screen width is over 500px, the list pulls even more entries (like 6) and displays across the screen. In my screenshot, even when I make parent group of the repeating group stretch without a max width, only 3 boxes display.

Are there any recommendations on the best way to make the layout resize per my requirement?


I was trying to do something similar, so that more columns were added as the screensize was expanded.

Are you using horizontal or vertical repeating groups? I tried horizontal, but did not want scrolling horizontally. I then tried setting multiple columns, but they weren’t adjusting as the screen size increased.

Then I went to the following settings, and I now get cells filling up horizontally when I expand my browser. When I shrink it, the cells shrink responsively. Try something like the following and see if it helps you.

The thing I was missing was the checking the box that says “Allow more than one column when stretched”. Completely looked past it several times. I set rows to 1, columns to 1, displayed full list and checked that box.

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This worked for me

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It doesn’t work. The child elements were placed vertically

Hi! Faced same issue. have you found the workaround?

Workflow when page loads:
Scroll to repeating group last item - pause for some milliseconds - scroll to repeating group 1st item.